Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Breaking Boundaries

If we are to live among each other there are personal boundaries we'll have to break, truce's we'll have to make. One of the principal understandings of Oneness is that, though it can be viewed as very humanitarian and altruistic, it is also about our survival. We cannot survive without all of our brothers and sisters, we need global Solidarity in order to survive.

Solidarity, is the integration and degree and type of integration shown by a society or group with peple and their neighbors. It refers to the ties in a society -social relations- that behind people to one another. It is social cohesion based upon the dependence individuals have on each other in more advanced societies. Although individuals perform different tasks and often have different values and interest, the order and very solidarity of society depends on their reliance on each other to perform their specified tasks. Organic here is referring to the interdependence of the component parts.
Solidarity is a phenomena that we see every day increasingly as we have become more and more developed, as life has progressed we are now beginning to realize that if we are to survive we must not think of ourselves as an "island" so to speak but pieces to the puzzle. It recognizes that in order for us to survive as individuals we must survive as a whole.

In order to achieve Solidarity we must make a Truce with each other, regardless of where we stand Spiritually or Scientifically.

Why now?

 Truce: In today's world we can no longer afford war. Global climate change is effecting human beings on an indiscriminate scale, it does not care who we are. With the advancement of technology and growing fear and separation among people threats of terroism from various organizations and nuclear threats, threaten our existence as a whole. There is a short comical animation floating on youtube called, "The End of Ze World", it states that provided we don't die by global climates, the end of the world will come about by the destruction of ourselves at our own hands. Living independently is no longer sustainable, it is time for solidarity.


  • Awareness: Becoming aware of the problem and of current infrastructures and targeting their causes, as well as becoming aware of the intricate connections between all of us.
  • Knowledge: Educating oneself on the various methods and implementations both proven and proposed.
  • Application: In application we test and apply what we have learned to our lives and the lives around us and adjust it accordingly. There are various methods to application, one doesn't need to go out and join non profit organizations and social groups to make a difference. The change starts internally with us as individuals. If we apply various techniques for self awareness and inner peace into our own lives we can positively effect the world around us a great example of this butterfly effect is the concept of Pay it Forward, both a film and a concept. Each of us becomes a cataclysm for change by applying the changes within themselves. How we think about old solutions are critical, practicing tolerance, learning new and more effective techniques of resolving problems through reconciliations that promote respect of all parties rather than practicing violence, submission and control are some of among the many things that must happen, becoming aware of our thoughts and replacing maladaptive thought patterns with more beneficial ones.

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