Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Problems We Created

This is a problem we created, not the "banks" not the "rich", not the "anybody else" but us. We created a society to which we rewarded and made the world in such a way where the rules were, "Survival of the Fittest", we may have not been entirely understanding of what people were saying to us, but the environment was made right and encouraged by our actions to work against us in the name of being for us, and Greed and self-interest were the motivations behind all of our actions. It's easy to blame the Rich for our problems but in actuality it is that we allow people to profit off of us so that we can in turn get the same treatment, or the same opportunity to it.

Furthermore we have created a society where we look at the Rich as climbing to the top on their own, when every dollar they have was given to them by us. Every celebrity, every rich man has money because we gave them money, for our own entertainment. It is no wonder we make them celebrities and then try to make scandals to take them down, because we become jealous of what we have given them and wish to take it back. And the Elite think those below are the mindless rats, and that they were smarter than everyone else got out of the game, but they are just as worried as the rats, and so they can never have enough money, they are always worried about losing what they think they have...but if  you can lose it, it was never yours to begin with, perhaps holding on was the problem. And those beneath the Elite feel oppressed and forced into a rigid system, and feel weak and suppressed.

"No. There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. Nobody."
Elizabeth Warren

Their blood and sweat is what made the Elite and yet the Elite take all the credit and give nothing back and those below accept that because they would do the same if they could. And as a society we become broken. We become divided and hurt and broken due to a society that is largely capitalistic in nature. Designed to exploit humans and the environment, to view life as no more as a commodity, a value a number...and we are all responsible for it, we created the right circumstances to be exhorted, we permitted it, if only for the thought that it was fair ground and in our position we would do the same--it is our right to consume and take, and to be ungrateful, and to harm and compete and justify it. To ignore that in the wild those that cooperate and form symbiotic relationships are the ones who survive...but nothing, no one can survive under a society that is built only to consume, to eat, based on greed and glutton, and fear of losing. It is not sustainable. The ecosystem is built in such a way that it is interconnected and interdependent, this is the way nature works, and this is the way we are learning we must work too, it is this way because life cannot be sustained any other way. And when the animals die, and the fish die, and everything dies and we think we're the last one standing, we won't be, because the humans will be dead not just because we killed all our food and destroyed the trees and the air we breathed and not just because of the environment but because we destroyed ourselves too...this cannot be sustained, and sooner or later we will be forced whether by our own choice or force to work together or die, and there will be those who choose to die, but there will be those who choose to live.

Still when we think of Celebrities another group of Elite, we think people who love them are fanatical and crazy, that they worship idols, that it is a strange thing that we are drawn to actresses and musicians, and the sort. We are drawn to the part of them that they have showed us that we connect with, and we argue that we don't really love them we only love what they can do, without understanding the psychology behind why we connect with them to begin with, and the psychology to why they reject and shun the overwhelming masses.

 We are designed to imprint on faces and people, to connect, so it is no wonder that we create fan bases around people who allow us to connect on an emotional level we rarely achieve in our personal life where many of us feel isolated from each other, we are designed to connect, we want to connect. But what if the world weren't created in such a way where we need to vegetate in front of a screen, to get release and enjoy the life of someone else, to connect with fictional characters, or people on a tv screen, what if we could connect with each and everyone of the people around us--we wouldn't need TV to fill that void. Our need to  be entertained is a method of escape, it is a symptom of the problem. Our desire to connect shows when we are drawn to these characters and fall in love with these idols on screen, our separation is shown when they are overwhelmed by the 1:100000 ratio, so we make it even, we make it a 100000:1000000 ratio, where the love and connection is spread out among us all, where this growing isolation diminishes and we find connection and love with even a neighbour who thinks the most diverse thoughts. Because we accept, love, and understand each other. And realize that we are the sum of our parts.

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