Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Oneness is a concept that can irk or connect people. Many of us view Oneness as something very spiritual, perhaps even almost like it's own massive religion, since religion itself is associated with spirituality so much so that some people may shun it on the grounds of linguistic limitations.

It has been learned that Oneness can not be taught, cannot be told. It may be understood on an intellectual level, but the concept of oneness must be experienced. It can only be lived. In Buddhism one is encouraged to question, to apply what is being told and taught to see if it holds some bearing to truth to our reality. We can't simply say doing this and that will help me live a better life, we have to apply this and that, to see if they work for us. If we cannot see it in this life, then perhaps we are not ready to. Oneness is the gradual awakening of people which cannot be forced with missionaries.

It begins through action. For every awakened or awakening being who acts upon the love for their brother and sister, who reaches out a hand of love and compassion we enable another person to experience on their own time, to see for themselves that it can be done, inner peace can be lived. But it is not until they turn this knowledge inwards, perhaps after reaching a large amount of despair and realizes that the same conclusions won't work anymore. That if we are to survive we must transmute greed into compassion, hate into love, anger into patience, and so on.

Nearly every religion and culture has a form of virtues which are all transmutations of our primal nature, our primal nature is not demonic or evil, it is just what it is. The concept of Oneness not only exists on a spiritual or philosophical level, but more and more on a Scientific level where Scientists too are coming to the conclusion that we too are one. Different terms are used combined with different methodologies and variations, but often with similar goals and self-interests in mind. In the end we are reaching a time when Science is reinforcing our values rather than breaking them apart if we look closely enough. Oneness isn't about One religion though, at this point and time there are so many religions out there because we each have different methods that work for us. Oneness is more about accepting each other for our differences, and coming together rather than segregating, seeing ourselves as one big interconnected tribe or chorus, playing different instruments and singing different notes all part of the same song.

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