Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Is Oneness a Religion?

What is Religion? One understanding of Religion is that it is a Way of Life, a Way of Being, we apply religion to religious organizations, often they have guidelines that must be applied in order to live a better life, and often these organizations concern the afterlife. When Religion does not concern the afterlife it becomes a "Philosophy", which rather than being a doctrine acts more as a principal. Countries often have a set of code, philosophies that set the stage according to what we should value and place emphasis on.

And Science? Science in it's origins is a philosophy, whereas today Science is a broad term for branches of knowledge, the knowledge that is approved by the Scientists can then be applied to form a Philosophy or Religion based on those rules, similar to scriptures and text.

In the world a clear line has been drawn between Science and Spirituality. The metaphysical form has no place in the extreme Scientific community because it cannot be tested or proved satisfactorily, to the extent where the results or the same. vs. Spirituality which in some other extremes because it focuses on the emphasis of what cannot be tested. But as time has come to pass and especially in this New era, the lines between Science and Spirituality have been blurring. As more and more evidence is found to show that we are connected, and more and more need to work together, Spirituality which concerns the mind and a person's well being naturally becomes more and more important. Our way of life, what we do and how we perceive the world. There are different sects and derivatives, different "ideas" on what causes what, what will happen in the end, but the methodology and core values and beliefs are still the same.

We all want the same thing for ourselves and for our close brethren, even the most extremist ruler who implements nefarious methods of achieving an end wishes only good. The problem is not that we want life to be good, is the process we create of selecting who is allowed this goodness. We live in a world where we believe everyone does not have the right to happiness, that happiness must be earned. When we believe that not everyone has a right to happiness we segregate people, create lines, we force conformity within our own group, create exiles and in doing so we separate ourselves. Cults, religions, social groups, and orders are notorious for doing so.

In Oneness, we live by the belief that everyone has the right to happiness, that everyone has a divine being inside of them. That we are all great regardless of creed or other forms of identification. We have reached an age where segregating ourselves cannot be sustainable if we are to survive. An age where we cannot restrict access to a product because we feel we are better and deserve it more than our brothers and sisters.

We need the collective mind and strength of our brothers and sisters to be strong, and we need diversity. Oneness isn't about being the same it's about recognizing that at the core we ARE the same, and that each of us has something different to offer, each of us together can build a community, can live and thrive, we have to learn acceptance of those who think different from us, tolerance. At some point for those of us who have religions and philosophies that preach segregation and hate for those who don't follow "their" way or guidelines without realizing the inherent truth passed down to all people in all scriptures, that that sort of mindset creates more boundaries and borders, it is our perception of life that must change if we are to achieve our fullest potential.

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