Saturday, September 17, 2011

Unity + Peace = Utopia or Evolution?

 It is not uncommon to hear our fellow brethren say that such ideas of alternative economies no longer based on greed and consumerism are ideas of Utopia that won't work. Many of us have heard people we value say that grand governments didn't work because they were founded on Utopian ideals and mankind is naturally selfish. We hear how the ideas of Unity and Peace between

Our idea of Utopia equivalent to Heaven or Nirvana, in order to exist must be enforced, and this leads to holocaust and genocide, of submission and conformity to the ideals of other people, because mankind is by nature fallible. This idea of Utopia is extremely narrow and limited. Currently we see very real fears of Utopia's turning into Dystopia's due to ideals based on "fear", when we believe the people must be controlled and regulated, we set up police states, and systems in which because we don't trust the people around us, we have to manipulate and control them to such an extent that requires eliminating all privacy. Historically control has always been rebelled against and rejected and may last but never longer than a few hundred years.

We naturally oppose being oppressed and controlled, or at least once we become aware that we are, since high conditioning might make us feel that we are free or that it is necessary to live by the hand of an iron fist because it is believed we cannot with education and changing the values we teach to our children be self-governing because the self-governing we have now is based and rewarded by a system that corrupts, degrades, and taints our very being. This is then turned inward as being the fallible nature of mankind.

But if we rethink what Utopia is, rather about working together and acceptance, respecting our differences, and finding new ways to resolve conflict rather than a world without conflict then what we have is nothing more than one step closer to a better more efficient, self sustainable way of living. We can rationalize why the world is a dog eat dog world, why it's survival of the fittest, and all about the individual's needs, desires and projecting our individual values onto society, but it doesn't change that the next stage of change will stem from the need of working together and thinking about how our actions effect our brethren. This will evolve through a growing number of movements and organizations, that are built around educating people on alternative forms of communication, resolving conflicts, and behaviours, non-denominational movements that emphasize our spiritual well being and our need to rethink how we think.

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