Sunday, September 25, 2011


We all know something is wrong, we all want things to be different, better. But we can't agree on what will make it better. We see the corruption going on in our own homes, we see the oppression...but how can we stand together and fight it when we look at our neighbors and see an enemy in the very place we claim to call "Home". How can whole entire Nations unite, when on the inside nations themselves are divided, from 3rd world countries to 1st world countries, we hold our differences up. Do these differences matter? Is it true that there is one large group of people believe every man should be for himself and is against social prosperity? Is it true that the methods of how to get there are so twisted to the other side that it is so wrong?

Or do we need a United Nations in our own home? We need a neutral board that is not associated with either side who can stand up and say can we all agree that these are universal values that we would all like? Do we all agree that these are the problems we face? Can we all sit down and discuss compromises and alternative solutions to get to those problems? Or are we so stubborn and insecure that it has to be all one way and the end result does not matter so long as we get our way, even if it means no one gets their way, and we can oppress each other to make things happen.

We know that there is something brewing, the government is coming out with more and more laws that feel more oppressive, they aren't fixing the problems we believe they should fix, and we're not standing up to fix them ourselves because we can't agree--and because we can't agree we let whoever draws the longest straw decide for us...but there's more unrest because we don't like the straw that was drawn and so we resist. We know that there is a growing disparity, a vast divide among the poor and among the rich and as the economy falls and threat of the way of life we have come to know, we know that something within the system has to be done, but the values we were taught, the values we believe and refuse to bend on have created an even greater divide, we don't accept that we can't just agree to disagree because we believe that the future is so in peril that it's important that others agree.

And it's true our future is in peril, for a moment, but what we need is unity. Unity between each other, Unity between our nations, we need to find a common grounds, and offer solutions. Perhaps enforcing regulation is the problem, perhaps we should build social contracts, have the change be instilled in each of us so that we are each self governing. For if we can find a universal grounds to which we stand, what need is there to enforce?

Something that does not threaten the religions and beliefs or values people have, while still allowing for life to prosper. Something that is neither "Liberal" or "Conservative" but Cooperative and Adaptive. We have to realize that our leaders will not solve our problems under whatever political faction that they choose, if they come in with motives and agendas built around aiding the groups of one people, and that should someone step in, it cannot be through the government, has to be from within Society, it has to be multiple, hundreds of people, that speak for all people with all interests in mind on a universal level, one that is humanitarian in nature and that enables the rights and beliefs of all people.

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