The Reservoir are different counterparts of a whole, each and every topic discussed in the links and others not listed here could not exist without the other, this site, and many social movements would not have existed had any of these theories/philosophies or movements not been in place both known to us and unknown, furthermore how this site is presented is of course determined by the awareness of ideas made known from the "Reservoir of knowledge", as such ideas are constantly being adapted and built upon based on all previous things.

Social Movements:

Global Oneness Project

Culture of Empathy

The Venus Project

Peace Portal

The Zeitgeist Movement (This movement is unrelated to the Zeitgeist film)

No one is Illegal

No Borders Movement

Beyond War

Religions for Peace

Non-Killing Movement

Upheaval Productions

Acrosanti Project


Living Oneness Study Guide

Non Violent Communication

Conflict Resolutions


NVC application

Changing the Legal Landscape

Alternative Economies

Problematic Emotions

Expanding Identities

Mother Mind

Reiki and the Shadow Self

Egyptian: Body and Soul

Killing the Buddha

Oneness Christiantiy

Universal Consciousness: Historical and Scientific Perspective

Universal Enlightenment

Quantum Interconnectedness

Consciousness and Quantum Reality

The Butterfly Effect/Chaos Theory

Mirror Neurons

A world without Money

Earth Age

Internet and Dark Age

The Next Dark Age

Deconstructing our Dark Age Future

Insects build Air Conditioners

Human Nature Experiments:

Stanford Prison Experiment

The Milgram Experiment

Blue Eye/Brown Eye Experiment

Religions, Philosophies and Theories:


The Reptilians

Dinosaur and Aliens

Are humans Robots?

We are all Naive Scientists


Evolution of Mammals

Science Predictions:



Future For All: Technology Predictions

Future Timeline: Scientifically influenced

Future Predictions: Technology

Singularity Institute

Future Wikia

Future forecasts: World Future Society

Society, Politics and Social Contracts:

Creative Commons

Controversial Issues: Intellectual Property, Plagarism, Software Piracy, Web Pages

Critical Views of Ownership

Breaking the Mould: So What is Ownership

The New Socialism

Baha'i Conservatism

Hair and Faith

A look at Baha'i fundamentalism

Capitalism transitioning on Popular demand

A point of View: The Revolution of Capitalism

The End of Capitalism: A new world is on its way. We are building it, one day at a time.

HoboPoet: Escape from Wage Slavery

Nordic Penal System

The New Socialism: Global Collective Society is Coming Online

Reforming Legal System: American

Judge speaks of American Legal System

Incarceration In the U.S.

U.S. Has Most Prisoners in the World

Prisons comparison

Capitalism: Constructive Review

Companies want Prisons

Money and Prisons

Prison Reform

Prison Reform 2

Prison 3

Americans Becoming More divided/Polarized

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