The Shadow

This site has been heavily influenced by the belief that the divine resides in each and every one of us. It need not be earned rather it is inherent, we need only to develop new patterns and ways of thinking to achieve our fullest potential. It functions under the belief  that we are all entitled to happiness regardless of perceived race, creed, or organization. It attempts to unite people not on what makes us different but on what makes us the same and to celebrate that which does make us different or at the very least tolerate and accept it. It offers a view that people who walk the path of darkness should be approached with compassion, patience, and love. That we forgive others, because we recognize that only in our acceptance of others can we truly heal and grow and reach our fullest potential. It is not about creating prisons, it is about creating centers for rehabilitation. The agenda of this site is to add to the sea of voices singing it's tune. Let not linguistics and conditioned words get in the way of understanding, let's free ourselves from our chains and limitations by uniting as a whole. Together we stand, divided we fall is not just limited to one country, it is a value that should be for all of us. To create an intricate system of networks that work together as the earth does to keep life sustained. We do not have to be "One Nation, Under God" but rather Many Nations United, Under whatever God or Philosophy we choose.

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